Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Dearest Minions,
Recycling week is upon again soon 22-28 June 2009 and this year people are being asked to make pledges and suffer punishments if they fail to fulfil their pledges. I am disgusted at the punishments. Make cups of tea for a week, bring someone breakfast in bed, buy cakes. BOLLOCKS! make your self a punishment that you would rather eat your own toe nail clipings than have to do. My Punishment, which I would get a minion to perform is to kiss a local councillor with tongues.

As the newly elected cretins make my skin creep and blood boil I would rather lick a dog's testes than suck face with one of them. Especially the Green party councillor, a man who will do the same for the green party as Hitler did for vegetarians and then there is the rumor about him, the cast of Rainbow, a pound of lard and a latex goat mask. So if you are going pledge make sure that your punishment is something that will make sure that you DO NOT FAIL!


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Almost Mrs Average said...

Oh my word Evil Edna, that would really keep people to their word. So is that YOUR punishment I wonder :-D