Monday, 29 June 2009

EVIL EDNA'S Challange

Dearest Minions,

Whilst surveying my domain and sampling the various drinks with salacious names, I made a harded cocktail making bartender blush. He matched his shirt. I therefore challenge you, dear minions, to go out and make a cocktail making bartender blush just by requesting drinks on the menu.

Go forth my minions......


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Aphids are big this summer

Inspired by getting covered in greenfly every time I walk out the door! In the new world order only people I don't like will have to submit to the varied insolence that is greenfly interest.

I have made some more ACTs and as on all good Tony hart like progs (don't you miss Morph? Wouldn't he be better as the new house of commons speaker?) The base ATC was stamped, with a lovely Victorian design in olive chalk ink. The backgrounds from Lisa`s altered images were then stamped with same stamp in silver. This is more subdued then I wanted as the ink pad is more pad than ink. The images were then pieced together and added (also from Lisa`s altered images.)

Lovely Lisa's site is a digital down load site which means that I can be all "ya, like I'm saving the world (for domination!)by not creating so much waste, like and ya no airmails." Or I could if I was a Chelsea birdette, but I am not I am an Evil Little TV set and don't you forget it.


Sunday, 21 June 2009

ATCs - Bollocks or Brillance?

Dearest Minions,

I was never sure whether ATC Artist Trading Cards were bollocks or not. As a crafter who like most others trys to save crafting pennies but, again like most, turns into Gollum whenever bling is introduced or new basic grey products are precious dribble dribble.
As the craft companies know our weakness for huge amounts of stuff, I thought ATCs were just another marketing ploy until I tried them.

They are such good fun! I have been making them this weekend an have very much enjoying playing with effects. So if you like making card have a go there are lots of swaps advertised on the net.


Friday, 19 June 2009

Evil Edna's Laws - blood suckers

It is my declaration and shall henceforth be LAW that all blood sucking insects gnats, fleas and so on MUST wear full evening dress at all times. By full evening dress I mean capes high collars, the full Count Dracula reglia.


Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Dearest Minions,
Recycling week is upon again soon 22-28 June 2009 and this year people are being asked to make pledges and suffer punishments if they fail to fulfil their pledges. I am disgusted at the punishments. Make cups of tea for a week, bring someone breakfast in bed, buy cakes. BOLLOCKS! make your self a punishment that you would rather eat your own toe nail clipings than have to do. My Punishment, which I would get a minion to perform is to kiss a local councillor with tongues.

As the newly elected cretins make my skin creep and blood boil I would rather lick a dog's testes than suck face with one of them. Especially the Green party councillor, a man who will do the same for the green party as Hitler did for vegetarians and then there is the rumor about him, the cast of Rainbow, a pound of lard and a latex goat mask. So if you are going pledge make sure that your punishment is something that will make sure that you DO NOT FAIL!


Saturday, 6 June 2009

EVIL EDNA'S Challenge

Dearest Minions,

I have another challenge for you to progress along the path of minionship.

You must hold a conversation replying only in mmms, a sort of hum, but slowly and without the others involved in the conversation knowing, change the hums to sound more and more like animal sounds.
The easiest way is to start with a moo....


(evil laughter)

Monday, 1 June 2009

BuryLETS new newsletter

Dearest Minions,

It is time for the next BURYLETS AGM and meeting at the Sobar on Tuesday, 2nd of June. While others are hoping to save the world and money, by recycling and reusing. I am just hoping to root through other people's stuff and bring back bootie. (As in treasure not children's foot wear.)

I am all for saving the world as it means a better state of planet for me to dominate with my evil plans. No one wants to dominate Mercury do they? Why? because it makes a Essex car park after a nights dogging look attractive.

If you would like to come along and join in the joy and delight that is BURYLETS, come to the sobar at 7.30 on June 2nd the year of the fruit bat. We do not look like the above picture from the wonderful LOL cats site, unless there is no cake/coffee/beer/cocktails/new members...... it would be wise not to disappoint.