Monday, 1 June 2009

BuryLETS new newsletter

Dearest Minions,

It is time for the next BURYLETS AGM and meeting at the Sobar on Tuesday, 2nd of June. While others are hoping to save the world and money, by recycling and reusing. I am just hoping to root through other people's stuff and bring back bootie. (As in treasure not children's foot wear.)

I am all for saving the world as it means a better state of planet for me to dominate with my evil plans. No one wants to dominate Mercury do they? Why? because it makes a Essex car park after a nights dogging look attractive.

If you would like to come along and join in the joy and delight that is BURYLETS, come to the sobar at 7.30 on June 2nd the year of the fruit bat. We do not look like the above picture from the wonderful LOL cats site, unless there is no cake/coffee/beer/cocktails/new members...... it would be wise not to disappoint.


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