Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Aphids are big this summer

Inspired by getting covered in greenfly every time I walk out the door! In the new world order only people I don't like will have to submit to the varied insolence that is greenfly interest.

I have made some more ACTs and as on all good Tony hart like progs (don't you miss Morph? Wouldn't he be better as the new house of commons speaker?) The base ATC was stamped, with a lovely Victorian design in olive chalk ink. The backgrounds from Lisa`s altered images were then stamped with same stamp in silver. This is more subdued then I wanted as the ink pad is more pad than ink. The images were then pieced together and added (also from Lisa`s altered images.)

Lovely Lisa's site is a digital down load site which means that I can be all "ya, like I'm saving the world (for domination!)by not creating so much waste, like and ya no airmails." Or I could if I was a Chelsea birdette, but I am not I am an Evil Little TV set and don't you forget it.


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