Thursday, 21 May 2009


Greetings minion, I am Evil Edna and I wish to take over the world. I have various mind control devices such as C.A.R.D.S and C.R.A.F.T.S no I am NOT telling you what the letters stand for! Do I look like a Bond villain? why did they tell him the domination plan? just shoot the bugger don't tell him everything including where the reset button is. Please see the below website for the correct way for an evil overlord to behave. Not that you will be an overlord when my plans come into play. However every minion should be schooled. I, unlike the bond evil gerbil genius, live in beautiful Bury St Edmunds, rather than a stupid volcano. If you want to spend your evenings planning world domination and watching CSI it is best to live in really nice surroundings rather than some chav volcano. Do not expect me to be a kind, nice or well spelt world dominator, I will leave that to Stephen Fry. Now minion go forth and say the word onion in as many conversations as possible, prove your worth..... EE

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Almost Mrs Average said...

Right where do I start? Onion. Sorry, that's not it. I mean... Congratulations oh evil one. I am liking your onion. I mean blog. And I am now looking forward to your next onionpost. Helps if you stick a stamp on it in an accordance to the size of the letterbox. Enjoy blogging :-D xxxx