Tuesday, 25 May 2010



Dearest minions,

I have recently been really inspired by Susan Wasinger's book Eco Craft which I got out of the library. Not only does it have lush stuff in it, it also has things that you can make make using skills and tools that most crafters have in their stash. As pictured I went all creative with CDs and a crop -a-dile and fishing line. This project has really improved a boring dull dark corner of the garden. Now the CDs turn with the breeze creating discs of light which spin through the garden. In a north facing garden any light is good.

This project is not in the book, but the book did that most important of all things Inspire ideas. I now have even bigger (evil) plans using CDs to take over the world. However unlike Bond villains I am not going to sit down with a cup of Tea and tell all.

So go forth my minions and be inspired.


Monday, 3 May 2010

butterflies and fun on a rainy bank holiday

Dearest Minions

I was playing with a new stamp and an embossing folder here are some of the results. Back to world domination tomorrow, bah, well someone has to control the universe.



Dearest Minions,

Not sure if these are genius or a headache to music or both, their video is about as far away from girls aloud as you can get, except for the maggots.... have a look at it: I hear flies.

It is nice that musical maggots other than Simon Cowell get publicity.