Saturday, 30 May 2009


Cor look at my stash! new papers from Craftie-charlie I know by yet more craft stuff does not sound v eco friendly BUT these are not full packs of papers so instead of having papers sitting around taking up space these are only one each of every design, means you have to be careful when using. But I think this wastes less and means that my mind control CARD devices are not easy to spot as the all look different....... cool.

I also bought these stamps from the Stamp Hut in Bury St Edmunds. I felt a bit of a prune as I had been bidding on E-bay and there they were the whole time and I didn't have to pay postage. We are so lucky to have 3 craft shops in Bury. Cambridge does not have one decent one in the town center but it does have the mecca that it Soham industrial estate featuring two warehouse units full of dribblesome stuff. LUSH!


Friday, 29 May 2009

mexican singing

Dearest Minions,

I have discovered a universal truth tonight, aided by several very nice tasty snowballs from the lovely So Bar in Bury St Edmunds.

All songs sound happy when sung fast in a Mexican accent. This proved by several experiments using sad beautiful songs and perverting them.

Examples to try:
Everybody hurts -REM
Everyday is like Sunday -Morrissey
Creep -Radiohead
Something in the way -Nirvana

So go out and experiment, let me know your findings.


Monday, 25 May 2009

Vote - like a baby stoat

Good day,
Unless you are in a crypt you will have sniffed the air and been confronted by the smell of elections. I am not going to urge you to vote for anyone just vote for someone. This does not include the BNP. If you are interested in voting for the BNP I would respectfully suggest that this blog is not one you should be reading. As you can see from my photo I am a beautiful yellow and vintage teak television set .

I would also draw any BNP supporters/war historians to the "Battle of Britain" posters which feature a Polish spitfire.

So as they say on cuteoverload "vote, vote like a baby stoat." Stoats are well known for their love of voting and have keen interest in democracy and can often be seen discussing the poltical issues of the day - if only they could type Katey Pryce would not be headline news.

Please vote and if you don't then shut up and do not whinge about a system that you too lazy to take part in.


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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Twlight - emo twaddle

I have just wasted precious minutes of my life watching putrid emo romance. I was watching it with someone who did enjoy it and had to clamp my teeth shut so as not to grind them to dust. I longed for Buffy to appear and stake everyone in the film so as to save me from the lamentable dialogue and "vegetables could do better"acting.

I love hammer horror and frequently watch the films to get inspiration as to what to create in my lab. However, I believe not even the giant blood sucking moth could compete with the horror that is the dialogue on this film "are you talking to me about the weather?" "yes, I guess so."


Rest assured minions when I rule the world, this film will only be used as a torture device.

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Greetings minion, I am Evil Edna and I wish to take over the world. I have various mind control devices such as C.A.R.D.S and C.R.A.F.T.S no I am NOT telling you what the letters stand for! Do I look like a Bond villain? why did they tell him the domination plan? just shoot the bugger don't tell him everything including where the reset button is. Please see the below website for the correct way for an evil overlord to behave. Not that you will be an overlord when my plans come into play. However every minion should be schooled. I, unlike the bond evil gerbil genius, live in beautiful Bury St Edmunds, rather than a stupid volcano. If you want to spend your evenings planning world domination and watching CSI it is best to live in really nice surroundings rather than some chav volcano. Do not expect me to be a kind, nice or well spelt world dominator, I will leave that to Stephen Fry. Now minion go forth and say the word onion in as many conversations as possible, prove your worth..... EE