Sunday, 12 February 2017

beetroot mercat

Greetings and salutations,

I have been out of touch for an age, so here is a plethora of cards.

The first is is a beetroot Mercat, the background is made with beetroot juice, it came out so much more subtle then I thought it was, so was perfect for a delicate Queen catfish.

 The next is made using a tranquil esty image that I used over a lovely designs by Ryn water droplets stamps.

I have rather pretentiously called this by the moon's soft light, it is made with Lavinia stamps and one of their papers.

and I am finishing with images of a Nutlatch which I took at Lackford Lakes, is he not GORGEOUS!?


Ryn Tanaka said...

Hey! Lovely to hear from you again :) Thanks for sharing your card with me! Great combination of the Etsy image and Water Droplets. The mercat card made me smile too.

Cathy said...

Great cards, love how you've used the water droplet stamp.