Saturday, 10 August 2013

Smudgefest day 6 - sketchy saturday

Dearest Minions

It is day 6 of Smudgefest and it is a sketch challenge.

 I don't play well with sketches, they are to me, a group of meddling kids with a great Dane thwarting diabolical plans.

But I had a go and here is the result. My favourite bit in the books of Lord of the Rings is when the party are in Moria reading from the great book and the drumming starts..... so inspired by that I used the fabulous Anya I just used her splendid glare and thought my self a touch of paranoia and here is the result.

I am also entering this into the Smeared and Smudged freebie challenge as the delightful Anya is this month's freebie.



Wendy said...

love how you turned the sketch on it's side and went crazy with it...fantastic work!

maureenjscott said...

Fabulous work Edna! love how different it is! mo x

Laura B said...

This is so cool! I'm a huge fan of LOTR.:)

~Lady B~ said...

Wow! Awesome piece! I love the creepy prints...watching and waiting...! Using the Vamps glare only is incredibly inspired. Hella cool project and fits the sketch quite well!