Monday, 5 August 2013

Smudge fest - bio polar natures

Dearest minions,

it is the first day of the great SMUDGEFEST! hurrah and here is my first entry.

Todays challenge is bio polar natures- two oppersites so this is my beautiful air and water twisted grumpie, the back grounds are from two of my digital packages Dances with Zombies -cloud and memaids- sea image, the wings are from an old graphics fairy image, the bubbles are by designs by Ryn - (AWESOME! stuff.)



Laura B said...

Very cool!:)

maureenjscott said...

Hi!!! I love this creation - that wee guy is so cute... and grumpy!!! Opposites!!

The link that you've put on the challenge entry is to your blogger dashboard though in case you want to pop in and add the blog address - took a bit of a google search to find you - glad i did! love your make! mo xxx

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Maureen did the hard work and found you EE, so glad she did, this is fabulous xxxx

Matney said...

I was wondering if it was air and water. Love that you twisted this grump to want to be in both.