Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Inventors -TIOT Sarah E Goode


This is my design team piece for the lastest TIOT challenge which is inventors. I triedx to look up some female inventors and found only 28 on wikipeda. I was stunned, however women could not have patents in their own right for centuries, when it was legal even then it was really hard for a woman to have the invention in her own name.

So for Sarah E Goode (1850 -1905) to be one of the first Afro American women to have a patent is a massive achievement in it's own right. Sarah invented the cabinet bed which folded into a cabinet that could hold staionary and other items when not in use. She and her husband owned a furniture shop and found that their customers did not have space. Hence the quote.

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Mrs.B said...

Great piece, love the embellishments - and I learnt something!
Avril xx

zandra said...

Love the gears and great to learn some history, too.
Hugz, Z

Claudia N. said...

This is awesome, EE!

Love your scientific and intellectual approach very much!!!!

Claudia x

Meggymay said...

Great project, thanks for sharing the the information about the inventor.

My name is Cindy said...

Lovely bit of history in there along with some great art EE! Hugs, Cindy xx

Alexa said...

Great info puts it into context brilliantly! Love it! x