Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sometimes they come back- Darkside challenge

Dearest Minions,

                            This is my entry to the latest darkside challenge. It is a stamped image on to a jigsaw which was painted with Gesso and sponged with distress inks. The text is something that buzzed round my head after I read the challenge. Not fab and clear but was alot of fun to do.

Text says" everyting was fine, days swam into night, I was washed by dreamless sleep. Until the day when I saw the crown on the broken fence. I knew it would begin again. Sometimes they come back."



Anonymous said...

I REALLY like the wording - dark and brooding!

Susan Says (Stupid Stuff) said...

Ack, I hate it when I see a crown on a broken fence - it never bodes well :P

Anne (cornucopia) said...

This is fantastic, both the artwork and words!