Sunday, 20 March 2011

Frankenstein - MOnSteRouS ReFleCtIoNS

Dearest Minions,

As someone interested in world domination and Monsters, it was only natural that I went to see the National Theater's screening of Frankenstein. Let me start by saying the play is wonderful; amazing performances by both of the leads and supporting cast. The lighting effects are stunning and the prose is thought provoking and lyrical.

This is a play that makes you question what you have seen. For me the monster and Victor Frankenstein are mirror images of the base pride that allows people to excuse their actions to them selves. Anyone within the play who shows kindness to the monster is killed by the monster, all the beautiful beseeching sentiments can not mask a killer. While Victor Frankenstein justifies his cruelty and abandonment of principles, compassion and respect by quoting his intelligence and superiority.

The two monsters become intangled within their own war, constantly driving forward to kill each other and therefore their own monster.

There is another showing of the play with the roles reversed on 24th March via cinemas. Highly recomended.


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