Monday, 13 September 2010

Inside the Norman Tower

Dearest Minions,
                             Never let it be said that I miss chances to bring my world domination to the fore. Using the national heritage days to my own dastardly ends I infiltrated the Norman Tower, one of the most well known buildings in Bury St Edmunds. I climbed the awful steep, winding and worn stairs to bring you photos of the inside and claim this bell Tower as a secret (not very) base.

The original Norman structure has remained similar to it's original state, with black bracing, which is visible in some of the photos, added in the Victorian era. The bells lodged high up in the tower are useful as an instrument of torture and a pleasant sound, so long as you are not standing by the one that is ringing, which I was; it is very loud, but still more pleasant than a Jedward song.
it is bad show to mention Esmeralda

the bells were once even higher
Churchgate Street as viewed from the Tower

a large bells normally a tipple here a literal
this is the underneath of the building the hatch is where they took the bells out in 1978 for retuning and then they re-hung them

Chequer Square from under the Tower

the Abbey green from under the Tower

And so ends this report.

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Lori Saul said...

Wonderful photos - I so enjoy travelling vicariously. What an interesting place with great views and historic charm. Thanks for sharing these!