Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tea - inspiration Avenue

Dearest Minions,

MUST PUN! can not stop.... this is Kittea.

Introducing my new, not very secret, weapon......Made from Lisa's altered art images (kitty and cup), background label is from the graphics fairy, sown on the sowing machine, stamped with hotp flourish -only de finiest inngredients go in our Kittea.




Shelinwa said...

COOL Love it

ChatElaine said...

Ahh isnt it cute!!

Lori Saul said...

Oh what fun and such great mixed elements. Adorable images on a great homespun background!

Gina said...

Hahahahaha! Is this the stuff the french are selling at £25 a cup? And that one would be "Ginger Kittea" ? :D XXX

Robin Norgren, M.A, R-YT, Spiritual Director said...

diva kitty! no milk for her!

Maggie said...

What is cuter than a kitteh in a teacup? NOTHING! Adorable!

Mina said...

I love this its brilliant...kitten in teacup is fantastic
Mina xxx

Priti Lisa said...

I Love PUNS!
And I love that you called it sowing machine!
I almost choked on my wine.
Thanks for the laugh and that is a wonderful piece of art :)

Kim Collister Studio said...

Kittea, you bad kittea...but you do look adorable in your teacup!

Love your submission!

Debs said...

Oh this rocks! did this cat get the cream?! lol
I nearly spilt my wine laughing! lol
We must be due to do another swap soon.

Yvonne said...

Awh, and what lovely kittea it is :)