Wednesday, 17 February 2010

inspriation avenue -reflections

Dearest Minions,

I could not decide which picture to use so here are three entries to the Inspiration Avenue Challenge;reflections.

The flying heron picture was taken in Kew gardens, the Heron in the water was taken in gardens of Nara, Japan and the final tree image was taken in the grounds of the golden palace Kyoto.




brandi said...

~i l♥ve the combination of photography and reflections...steals my breath away! lovely photos and moments you have captured...reflection...tis a beautiful thing! brightest blessings~

Amy said...

Pretty Nature!

Maggie said...

Beautiful photos! I love the bird skimming over the water.

ChatElaine said...

Lovely reflections, the heron flying is glorious, what a great selection of reflection!! I can do rhymeing me!!!! LOL

Unknown said...

I love the image of the heron flying, it's probably my favorite of all these beautiful shots- the movement of him AND his reflection is just stunning!