Thursday, 4 February 2010

De Stempelwinkel challenge

Dearest Minions,

Here is my entry to the De Stempelwinkel design team challenge (they have brillant stamps) it is done in my fav colours - world domination red, gold for fort knox riches and glitter for that bling thing .

I have called this Delphi as it reminds me of a Greek Oracle. The stamp is called Melissa and her hair is even more uncontrolable than mine in the morning, but irritatingly it looks great.... I am going right off her!



Jetske said...

Thank you, Evil Edna, I'm blushing! Thanks for joining our challenge, hope to see you again for the next challenge..

Jetske Masmeijer
De Stempelwinkel

Elegia said...

I had a same problem with my hair, but then i cut them. No problem anymore, but I miss my long hair :DD

petrasart said...

It is Greek!!! Wonderful!!! Thanks for playing :-)

Stempelhexe said...

Eine tolle Karte ist das geworden.