Sunday, 30 June 2013

burning in straight lines

evening all,

So here is my entry to the June Smerged and smudged Rock and Rolla challenge which was Wolf Mother by Fist Aid kit. I printed the lyrics on to card then embossed with a fern stamp. I then shaded with distess inks, flicked water on it, re-shaded. I then set fire to the piece, however it burned in straight lines and right angles, not the tattered edges that I hoped and expected. so tada and all that.

Today I was bitten by a horse fly, stung by a bee and then stung on my ankle, leg, wrist and hand by stinging nettles, I am going back to work's safer.



sally said...

Ouch, ouch & more ouch! And even the edges won't play fair! What a b....r! Hope your week gets better


Netty said...

oops not a great day then......but I love the way your project turned out, x

butterfly said...

What a great piece... straight-line burning - bet you couldn't do that again if you tried!!

And ouch! I wholly sympathise - got stung by a bee for the first time ever last week - ouch!

Calamine lotion rules!
Alison xx

G Peplow said...

Gosh EE this is a super project,I wonder why you set light to it in the first place LOL love the result but you haven't posted since June, hope it's nothing to do with the stings and bites :D x