Thursday, 3 May 2012

chav frame

Dearest Minions,

Is the frame on the left hand side not one of the most horrendous vomit inducing travesties of home decor? this is a before and after shot of a photo frame I transformed this weekend. This took a lot of coats of gesso, senca colour wash, hard rock candy crackle glaze and vintage photo frame distress inks.

The frame was purchased from the pound shop, yet again I fought my way through chavs and really hoped that my bag didn't split and the frames ( I bought two) didn't grown legs and scurry across the floor.

The stamps used are Tim Holtz Papillion and Indigo Blu Grand Tour 2.



anna christensen crafts said...

Wow, you turned that into something really beautiful xx

Meggymay said...

Fantastic alteration, can see why you needed to give it a make over.
Yvonne x

G Peplow said...

OOOh well done, worth the struggle. It turned out beautifully, it's quite classy now :0)x