Tuesday, 3 April 2012

tutorial type thing with a frame

Dearest Minions,

This will not be a Blue Peter/Art Attack type of instructions as much of my stopping involved swearing as things dropped off (Bloody KEY.)

Step one- fight chavs for photo frame in the pound shop.

Step two - file with a nail file or sand paper, if more prepared.  Open a window, work alcohol ink into the frame. Put a post it note over the glass.

Step Three - work a darker ink into the corners.
Step Four - Add bits a pieces, stick them down with glossy accents, swear a lot as the key keeps dropping off the frame, try several times and then decide it looks better without.

Step Five- after letting it dry put in a picture and whack it on a side board. TA DA!

Tootles EE


Jacki Daniels said...

Wow fantastic can picture you fighting off the chav's lol but it was worth it in the end key or no key
have a great week
Jacki xx

G Peplow said...

ROFL EE You certainly had me laughing tonight, Thanks:0) Gorgeous altered frame, I love the inks on it and the steampunk theme is fab. Love your step by step, I'll have to remember to whack it on the sideboard next time I finish a project but I'll leave fighting the chavs to you, you are our leader after all LOL LOL Gay xxx

anna christensen crafts said...

Oh Glorious Leader - I love it when a plan comes together! First thing in the morning I will hasten to the pound shop, whack a chav to get the frame and then toddle over to the charity shop across the road and buy a sideboard so that I may complete my project in your honour (and have somewhere suitable to whack it!) Loved the idea Anna xx

Netty said...

LOL, pure pleasure to read, x

Meggymay said...

Loved reading your post. The frame has the Wow factor, its a great alteration.

crafty-stamper said...

Brilliant tutorial and very instructive lol deffinitely looks better without key its loss not yours its moment of fame lost forever !!!!!!
carol x

Julie M said...

Great instructions, Edna - I feel we need more in-depth hints for successfully fighting off the chavs - you are obviously channelling some sort of ninja force or other!! Love the final effect you achieved (even without the key!).

Julie x