Saturday, 11 February 2012


So to win this lush niceness,  there are 3 things that you have to do:
1- put the image with a link on your blog
2-leave a message in the comments box
3- dance like a loon

The winner will be choosen at random on 4th March - good luck!

The candy includes;
Papermania stickers - born to shop
Crafty individuals  stamp - CI -106
Mermiad rubber stamp
Prima mini stamp
Japenese paper - yep brought back in  various colours
Making Coco for Kingsley Amis by Wendy Cope - this is funny, inspiring and hopefully will raise a smile
Felt flowers by Queen & co
Laugh - in balsa wood


Yvonne said...

I'm dancing, can you see me :)

G Peplow said...

HI EE, gorgeous candy my dear:0) So nice of you to offer it, I will be dancing soon okay?? xxx

KC said...

ooohh Japenese paper so cool! dance like a loon ha ha...there is no other way to dance for me :)

Anne said...

I found your site via Quote the Raven, I have posted this candy on my blog here.. .. thanks for the chance..and yes I danced like a loon just before I wrote this..

Mary-Anne V said...

I think I dance like a loon most days... thats what happens with 3 kids. Thanks for the chance to win some great goodies!

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Fab candy, I have posted your pic and link in my sidebar, dancing like a loon and also singing very badly for added ambience =)
Lindsay xx

superdidine said...

Thanks for these gifts. It's on my blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to win this nice candy. (I like the word nice - it can sound like a snake's hiss)
So, I did the following steps while watching a football game on TV.

1.I put a pic of your candy on my blog.
2. Looked up the word "loon".
3. Questioned myself how these birds may dance.
4. Found out what "loon" also/really means. My online dictionary often refuses to translate slang (read: the cool words).
5. This dance won't be a problem for me...

I can't wait to dance to the sound of the game (It's Germany vs. France in Germany which means I can hear the German "Schland" songs. When the growd in the stadium "sings" "Deutschland Deutschland Deutschland Deutschland" all you can hear is "Schlaaand")

So, I' off dancing ...

Bhawana said...

fabulous candy.. first time saw someone asking for dancing :))))

Warna Warni said...

hi... salam kenal ya..:)
saya ikutan candy mu. mudah-mudahan saya beruntung mendapatkan hadiah dari kamu..

- saya sudah follow blog kamu
- saya sudah pasang sidebar di bloga saya ""
- saya tidak bisa menari :D

terima kasih atas kesempatan yang kamu berikan.


Pipin Lestari said...

Hi evil edna, I interest to get your giveaway and I have done your rules. Wish me luck! :D
Oh yess, I can dancing. I can Remo dance and that’s dance from Indonesia. Maybe you want dance together with me? Haha okay. Thank you :D

Nikki said...

Fantastic Candy thanks for the chance but dancing like a loon causes injuries in all those around me ... look out lol
hugs Nikki

Unknown said...

Dancing, dancing, dancing up to the tune of my son's song:-) Thanx for the chance & it's on my blog