Wednesday, 3 August 2011

tim and more tim holtz

Dearest Minions,

Today I saw an adult with a Justin Bieber haircut, this adult is in a proper grown up job and all I could do was stare at his hair. I wanted to go all Grey's anatomy and start saying the word "Seriously?!" over and over again. On the other hand this could be the solution for dentists and politians everywhere, it shall be part of the plan.



Julie M said...

Read this post this morning before I went out, Edna - and then I saw a young man in a smart suit, but with "pimp" shoes and one of those moulded straw-like hair all over the place hair-styles, and I thought of you seeing the Justin Beiber do!! What a twit!

Glad to know that evil tyrants have their weaknesses too!! I am fine with cut hands, but a moth in the house, especially a big night-moth - and I am gone!

Julie :o)

Oops nearly forgot to say lovely card - the blues and purples are so good.

Ginger said...

I wanted a DVD In Tesco's but I couldn't bring myself to pick it up as it was sharing a stand with a Justin Beiber one, of course I could have seen it as an act of mercy on the behalf of the poor DVD, but I could not get myself to go close enough to save it, I am still suffering from flash backs. Nice colour combo on the card x

Gio said...

lucky almost nobody here knows JB at all!