Sunday, 3 July 2011

celebrate with dancing girls

Dearest Minions,

It was so hot on Monday, that I had to be fanned by pretty minions armed with endless jugs of Pimms with REEEEAAAAALLLLY long straws. Then it rained, biblically on Tuesday, Bury St Edmunds made the papers and internet due to surface flooding. But it has been great weather again, soooo here to celebrate the heat are two show girl cards. The stamps are lost coast - the ladies and Tim Holtz Papillion- backgrounds.

I used the versamark distress technique from the July Edition of craft stamper demonstrated by the great Joanne Wardle.

Tootles my sweaty Friends!

1 comment:

Lorraine said...

like the card and I think the title of your blog is dead funny..have a good week and thanks for making my laugh