Saturday, 7 May 2011

weenie canvas -wings

Dearest Minions,

Unlike this week's Doctor Who I hope that this lives up to it's promise. Why can't we have a flesh eating Mermaid from space, but NOOOO we get a singing nurse. pah. Maybe it is a let down after the unusual day I had today when I had to dislodge a live mouse from a Dyson Hoover. Yes it ran away to create more havoc in appliances.



Julie M said...

My mind is boggling at the thought of the hoover mouse, Edna - which bit of the hoover was it in - and HOW?? Eek, imagine the story he has to tell his friends, if mice could talk that is!!

Gorgeous canvas, those brown/creams are lovely.

Julie :o)

Unknown said...

Hi Sweet lady! Congratulations! You were the highest bidder for "Dancing Daffodil's" painting. Can you please send me your email address so I can send you a paypal invoice?
My email is
tlsprinkle (at) yahoo dot com

Thank you! :)