Saturday, 9 April 2011

Magnolia Magnificence

Dearest Minions,

Sometimes you come across something wonderful. Here are the beautiful magnolia trees that are in bloom in Ickworth House Gardens at the moment. If you can not get to Ickworth, here are some pictures so you can enjoy them too.



Alizabethy said...

They look fabulous - great photos!

Vicky said...

Wow...absolutely gorgeous..and fab photography too..

hugs Vicky xx

Mina said...

oh wow wow wow EE how beautiful is that magnolia...theres nothing more beautiful than nature in full colour is there...beautiful photographs may be a little far for me to visit it though
Mina xxx

Days End Studio said...

oh my... I wish Blogs had scent... those must be heavenly! Thank-You for the happy post! <3

Deann said...

Dear Edna thanks for the Magnolias...I needed that cheery bit of lovely.