Tuesday, 16 November 2010

collage obsession challenge - Tenderness

Dearest Minions,

Here is my entry to the collage obsession challenge -tenderness.
I made this card for a couple of friends on the birth of their new child, painted with distress inks, the image is from an excellent site Digital Tuesday.

Best Wishes


Pauliina said...

Yes there is a lot of tenderness on your lovely card...

Mina said...

perfect for a Baby card, I love that stunning image its gorgeous EE
Mina xxx

Julie M said...

Ooh that is beautiful, Edna!! Lovely image, very .... gaaah .... can't think of the name of the artist, begins with an "R". Or maybe there's an "R" in it. Rosetti? Rossini? Anyway, I love the card!!

Julie :o)

Melanie Morales said...

This is precious! Nicely put together ; )

Lori Saul said...

A beautiful collage of tenderness and the best kind!

Gina said...

Fabulous image mistress! And colouring it with distress inks was a stroke of genius :D XXX

Yvonne said...

Beautiful, Edna!

Anonymous said...

You do scare me a bit you know !
Love your sense of humor btw.
Great colouring of baby Jesus & Maria

Anonymous said...

Fabulous piece of art. I am loving your blog and have decided to become a minion. Hope to share lots with you
take care for now