Monday, 4 October 2010

The Artisan Show

Dearest Minions,

 the cult of Tim Holtz
As the broom stick wasn't working I had to drive to the Artisan show on Friday. Three hours drive there and three hours drive back in pouring rain and it was actually worth it.

I met some excellent people such as the staff from creative moments who had a brilliant range of Tim Holtz products and a great price on distress re-inkers.

I also met Katy Fox and Helen Chilton from Craft Stamper magazine, they were really interesting to talk to and were really nice to boot.

fellow crafty women
As I had come so far I signed up for a work shop with Crafty Individuals it which I made something removed from my usual style. I would defiantly recommend doing a work shop if you go to a show as they really give yo a taste of something different. You also get to meet fellow crafters/evil overlords.

not my usual style but good clean fun

There were some excellent stalls and the restaurant wasn't bad either
however there were some strange and slightly evil sheep in the grounds of the exhibition center. I got the feeling that they were bidding their time before invasion.


Evil sheep

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Mina said...

dont you hate it when your broomstick wont work lol...are you sure they were sheep....hope you had a fantastic time
Mina xxx